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indeximageGoody Books was established in 2005 as an independent press, growing from a sole proprietorship to now a private limited company. Our primary goal is our commitment to bring readers the highest-quality novels.

As of 2015, we have published twelve novels, and sold over 80,000 books. Primarily operated in Singapore, we have since expanded to Malaysia and Australia, and are set to reach out more countries. Low Kay Hwa’s verified Facebook Page has over 313,000 fans. Most of our first print runs are sold out within six months. One of our bestselling books, I Believe You, is on its eighth print run.

Our books have often been listed in both national bestsellers lists (The Sunday Times) and bookstores bestsellers lists (POPULAR and Times bookstores).

Our titles are also available in e-version through major e-book vendors like Amazon Kindle (Australia, US and UK) and Google Play Books (SG and MY), with some of the titles reaching the top ten best-selling novels in several categories—a significant achievement for a Singaporean.

In 2014, our books won the prestigious POPULAR Readers’ Choice Award 2014 and was listed as Google Play #1 Best Book of 2014.

Our novels, all written by twenty-nine-year-old full-time award-winning novelist Low Kay Hwa, are read by people seeking an entertaining read. We seek perfection in our works and aim to bring more high-quality novels to our readers.



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Today or Tomorrow

Would you rather dance in the moment or learn for the future?

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"If there were no consequences for your actions, would you kill the person you hate?"

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A Singapore Love Story

“Can the melody of love be louder than the noise of reality?”

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For That Day

“What if you have only six more months to live?”

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The Perfect Story

“How do you write a perfect story?”

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“How do you fight off the unfairness in your life?”

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To Forget You

“What if you are forced to forget your true love?”

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A Photogenic Life

“Why are we always trying to impress everyone around us?”

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“What if you overlooked what your mother has sacrificed to bring you up?"

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I Believe You

"What if you have no tomorrow to look forward to?"

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You Are Here

(Out of Print)

Destiny's Cries

(Out of Print)

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