Stories That Breathe

I Believe You

Final Note

The online preview is only up till page 52. The book has a total of 100 pages. Below are some short extracts:


Extracted from Chapter 12:

“You’re like the north pole of a bar magnet, and Jacky is also the north pole of a bar magnet. There’s no way for the both of you to be close together. There’s a force that’ll always push you both apart. This force is called the obstacle, like interest differences, communication problems or whatnot.

“However, if we put a metal cube between you two, both of you will stick to it. And you’ll be close to each other. That metal cube ‘dissolves’ the force that pushes both of you away from each other. And that metal cube is what we call love.”


Extracted from Chapter 13:

“Young lady,” the old man suddenly said, “are you just his classmate, his friend?”

He must have been eavesdropping on our conversation. However, I saw no harm in telling a stranger the truth, so I said, “I believe I’m more than that. No, I hope that I’m more than that.”

“Okay then, love him while you can. In love, there’s only love or don’t love. Since you love him, do it now,” the old man said.


Extracted from Chapter 15:

I realized that everyone had a story to tell: The middle-aged woman selling fish soup might have the most romantic love story; my old and stubborn literature tutor Mrs Goh might have the most tragic story to tell. Yet, I always pondered on the poignancy of my own story, as if my story superseded all other stories.


Extracted from Chapter 17:

Jacky seemed exhausted. He beamed weakly and, slowly, lay back on the bed. Beads of sweat were escaping from his forehead.

“You laughed,” he said, almost breathlessly. “You laughed. That’s nice. It’s been so long since I heard you laughing. Can you do me a favour?”

Actually, I knew exactly what he was going to say next. Still, I asked, “What?”

“Laugh more often.”


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