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Today or Tomorrow


Today or Tomorrow is Low Kay Hwa's twelfth novel, with the theme of whether we should live for the moment or work for the future.



(Award Winner)

I is a fast-paced and thought-provoking thriller that explores human nature through three narrators: a good, a neutral and an evil. Or is there a difference? Are humans evil by nature? If there were no consequences for your actions, would you kill the person you hate?


A Singapore Love Story

(POPULAR Bookstores, Times Bookstores and The Sunday Times Bestseller!)

A Singapore Love Story, Low Kay Hwa's tenth novel, is a contemporary novel set in Singapore, with the theme portraying the fact that we cannot change reality, but can only change our expectations.


For That Day

(POPULAR Bookstores and Times Bookstores Bestseller!)

For That Day is Low Kay Hwa’s ninth book. To ensure that the story can relate to more readers, and to ensure that the novel is extremely readable, Low Kay Hwa interviewed more than fifteen people, redrafted the manuscript more than fifty times and spent over $8,000 for research, editing and production.


The Perfect Story

The Perfect Story, Low Kay Hwa’s eighth book, is a psychological thriller about human manipulation. Are we in control of our lives, or are our lives being controlled? Low Kay Hwa fans should not miss this novel!



Lilith, Low Kay Hwa’s seventh book, is a story about an HIV-positive woman who feels that the world is unfair. With that mindset, she seduces men regularly to spread the virus. A refreshing story that touches on issues which are taboo in Singapore, be disturbed by this provocative novel!


To Forget You

To Forget You, Low Kay Hwa's sixth novel, is a love story that everyone can relate to. A refreshing, bittersweet love story that lasts for almost eighteen years, die-hard Low Kay Hwa fans will not want to miss this tear-jerker!


A Photogenic Life

A Photogenic Life, Low Kay Hwa's fifth book, touches on a dark and disturbing human trait: Why are we always trying to impress everyone around us? A complex story about single teenage mother who is struggling to face her disgraceful past, be prepared to enter a world of deceit in this refreshing novel!



Journey is Low Kay Hwa’s fourth book. It tells a story about a simple relationship between a mother and her daughter. It is a novel that many, including adults, can relate to!


I Believe You

I Believe You is Low Kay Hwa's second book. The story focuses on two junior college students' love story. This is the novel that propelled Low Kay Hwa's writing career. Now in its eighth print!


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