Stories That Breathe
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"If there were no consequences for your actions, would you kill the person you hate?"

When I was a boy, I helped old women cross the road, for it was dangerous for them to cross it by themselves.
I’m not trying to show my friends that I’m kind.

When I was a student, I taught my classmates topics that they did not understand, for I wanted them to ace their examinations.
I’m not trying to impress the teachers.

When I was a working adult, I stayed back to help my colleagues complete their work, for we worked for the same company.
I’m not trying to gain a promotion.

When someone says that a dirty bomb is being planted in Singapore, I kill people to escape from it, for everyone is doing so.
I’m just trying to survive.

Don’t deny. Don’t use your felicia to answer me.
Don’t , for I’m you.


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