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I Believe You

"What if you have no tomorrow to look forward to?"

Since the day I first talked to you, I told myself that I must not fall in love with you. As we got closer, I continued to tell myself: I don’t love you. I held your hand, I cried when you cried, I smiled when you smiled; but still, I told myself: No, I don’t love you.

I must not love you, for I may leave this world anytime. But, just now, someone told me something meaningful. I was taking a rest at the park when I saw an old man in his seventies. We chatted, and he said this to me, “In love, either you love, or you don’t.”

It was then I remembered the day when I walked you home. A frail old woman, also in her seventies, chatted with me. Somehow, our conversation also ended with this sentence, “In love, either you love, or you don’t.”

In love, either I love you, or I don’t. Joanna, I have been thinking. I have been trying not to love you, but the fact remains: I love you. I can try to forget you, I can try not to love you; but still, it eventually boils down to this single sentence: I love you.

Who am I to fight love?


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