Stories That Breathe
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The Perfect Story

“How do you write a perfect story?”

To create a convincing story, the writer has to detach himself from the real world.

The process of writing an outstanding story is frightening. In fact, frightening is too mild a word. Obsession would be an understatement as well. The accurate word to express the process will be severance. The writer severs all ties with reality and becomes a new person.

He talks to imaginary people. He acts out imaginary scenes. He walks in the dark to feel the fear. He cuts his hand to feel the character’s pain. He experiences the full flurry of emotions that the characters feel.

He lives a solitary life and teeters on the edge of sanity.

He grows up with the story. His only friends are the characters. His only foes are the characters. His only respite is to write the last word of the story.

Often, the writing reaches a stage where it possesses the writer’s entire being; scenes are constructed from his memories; the story becomes part of his life. He no longer writes the story; he lives in it.

All these sacrifices just to fulfil one desire. To write The Perfect Story.


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